Ameer Banks


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Not just a stage name but his actual, Ameer Banks originated from Camden, NJ. An Upcoming artist representing South Jersey with dreams to take over the industry. He first discovered a musical talent through drumming at the age of 12. Shortly two years after, not understanding his passion for singing and dancing Ameer joined Silvertones (Advanced Chorus). Which he performed on local TV stations and made him realize his love for music. Ameer began posting music on Soundcloud his freshman year of college on a track scholarship. Since then he has performed in numerous states including; Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware etc. Ameer released his first song in stores, July 25, 2017 called “Hercules”. Banks is now attending school for Audio Engineering. In hopes of opening his own Studio. Ameer released his first album “The Come Out” on Soundcloud. Ameer retrieves his inspiration for song writing through life. No matter if that’s personal experience or a close Friend.